Tuesday, April 30, 2013

shop preview

What's coming to the shop this week?  A 1940s dress with a wild pioneer print, a couple springy florals, a cute bowling shirt, and this amazing embroidered folklore dress... 

1950s cross stitch embroidered folklore dress (those are horses on the skirt!), by Carlye.

1950s pink mohair cardigan.

1940s pioneer novelty print rayon dress, by Original Junior Miss of New York.

1960s mod dots maillot swimming suit.

1940s deadstock gray dress with sheer mesh stripes and rhinestone decorations, by Slendertone.

1950s brown plaid seersucker full skirt.

1950s clematis print yellow cotton dress with full skirt and giant sash.

1960s marble swirl print blouse, by Joanne.

1960s floral print drop waist dress with scarf collar and accordion pleat skirt.

1950s women's white and blue gabardine bowling shirt, Ten Strike by King Louie.

1940s floral printed rayon crepe dress.

1950s brown gingham cotton pencil skirt, by Majestic.



  1. that 40s pioneer dress is off the hook cool.

  2. That first dress is KILLING me. Why oh why have I eaten so many fattening foods over the years? I mourn the loss of that dress.

  3. I love the pink cardi. It looks so pretty and cozy!


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