Tuesday, April 2, 2013

shop preview

It's that time of year when floral prints are everywhere.  You can't avoid them.  But why would you want to?  From tiny ditsy posies to overblown wallpaper-esque blossoms to mid century abstract flowers--I do believe there's a floral print for everybody!  Just about every other item in this shop preview is a floral print, but for those who care not for flowers, there are other prints:  paisley, polka dots, mod geometry, and gingham.

All items coming to the shop this week.

1950s forest paisley wiggle dress.

1950s art nouveau floral print polished cotton blouse, by Gabey.

1950s red polka dot dress with black bow.

1960s silk poppy print blouse, Town & Country Blouses by Ohrbach's.

1960s gingham dress and coat set, by Vicky Vaughn.

1950s flowers in a gilded cage full circle skirt.

1950s sepia floral chiffon and taffeta print party dress with satin belt.

1950s blue rose print blouse.

1960s mod geometry print trapeze dress.

1960s butter yellow blouse with Peter Pan collar, by Kay Karen.

1940s sheer floral print dress with rhinestone buttons.

1960s daisy print swimsuit / romper, Carol & Mary by Kahala.



  1. agreed! that skirt is all sorts of fantastic.

  2. Oh my… that red polka dot dress is insanely cute! I love it! And I third the amazingness of the skirt.

  3. this shop update is WOW. my favorite is that sepia floral chiffon dress as well as the skirt.


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