Monday, April 8, 2013

i spy: stormy seas, neo mods, a stag in the moonlight, and Tilda

It's April, but where I live, things still look and feel quite wintry.  Which might explain the dark, stormy, moody nature of my first collection of images below.  (Of course, I like dark and stormy year-round, so perhaps not...)  I love that feathery-looking sepia brown Balenciaga outfit--especially against the gray background.  But I also love the soft pastels in that photo of Tilda Swinton in the second collage.  That Tilda sure keeps busy, doesn't she?  I enjoyed seeing her alongside Bowie in his "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" video (though I like the moody first single, "Where Are We Now?" more).

I really need that bar/record station set-up you see in the second collage.  And how cute and stylish is that pair in the lower right corner?  I will always love the sharp styling of mod scooter culture.

1 / Balenciaga ensemble in October 1950 issue of L'Officiel / via
2 / Stag, oil painting by Eugen Krüger (1832-1876) / via
3 / illustration from a 1918 issue of Jugend magazine / via
4 / Elise and Monique, hats by Schiaparelli, Café Flore, Paris, 1948, photo by Richard Avedon / via
5 / Storm in the Skerries. "The Flying Dutchman," painting by August Strindberg, 1892 / via

1 / love this image of Tilda Swinton from the video for David Bowie's "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)," directed by Floria Sigismondi / via
2 / 1922 textile print by Leon Bakst / via
3 / Kashtanka by Anton Chekov, illustrated by William Stobbs / via
4 / I need this. / via
5 / Neo mods fashion shoot for Vanity Fair Italia, #47, photo by Sergi Pons / via


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