Tuesday, April 23, 2013

shop preview

Here's a colorful, print-filled preview of items coming to the shop this week.  Of course, one of my favorite items--the Paisley Noir dress--is the least colorful!  But even I am ready for a little sunshine around here.

1960s Ocean Filigree ombre stripe dress, by L'Aiglon.

1960s knit psychedelic floral top.

1950s red and gold baroque print shirtwaist dress with scalloped collar.

1950s celery green floral print blouse.

1950s red plaid ruffled pinafore dress, by Petti.

1950s olive green shorts with cute pockets.

1950s sheer Paisley Noir dress with rosette at the collar.

1960s white blouse with large, embroidered Peter Pan collar and embroidered cuffs, by Joanne.

1940s pink dress with zig zag button placket.

1970s lilac print crepe blouse with Peter Pan collar, by Joyce.

1950s Spring Daisy watercolor print dress with Peter Pan collar and bow belt, by Vicky Vaughn.

1960s colorful abstract art print mini skirt, by Gordon of Philadelphia.



  1. These are some truly great pieces/labels.
    The Vicky Vaughn is dreamy!

  2. Beautiful pieces, but I love the green skirt. :)

  3. oooh, I want the spring daisy dress!

  4. Super cute stuff, especially that L'Aiglon dress.

  5. Eeep! I have a slight obsession with Vicky Vaughn dresses!


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