Thursday, March 28, 2013

more wintry street style

Winter seems to be having a hard time loosening its grip on the northern hemisphere.  (We still have a frozen lake and snow on the ground here in Michigan.  I have not yet stashed away my winter coats.)  This apparently hasn't stopped many stylish ladies from getting out and looking fabulous, as evidenced by several of my favorite street style looks from the past two months.

l-r: Solanah of Vixen Vintage
Parisian street style via Face Hunter
Helsinki street style via Hel-Looks 

I love all three of these looks so much, and one thing they all have in common (and which I always struggle with) is the wearing of amazing headgear.  Some day maybe I'll learn how to rock a headscarf the way Solanah and that fashionable Helsinki gal do.

NYC street style via Stylesight
Wikki of Luukku
NYC street style via calivintage
Copenhagen street style via The Locals

That red embroidered coat is just amazing, and I love the combination of maroon/burgundy and gray that Wikki is wearing.  My favorite, though, might be the young woman on the left, who is kinda grunge (plaid, creepers, pea coat, knit hat), but super cute.  And I'm loving the coat and big cozy scarf worn in the Copenhagen snow, on the right.  I just love seeing fashionable folk actually out in the snow!


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  1. Great selections Karen! I'd love to be able to rock a head scarf too but when ever I've tried I think I look kinda silly. Maybe it's because of our short hair??


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