Tuesday, April 9, 2013

shop preview

A spring mix of flowers, leaves, ferns, and fruit coming to the shop this week--with a great Egyptian themed dress tossed in for you novelty print lovers!

1950s black taffeta leafy eyelet cocktail dress.

1970s denim jacket with plaid flannel lining the hood and cuffs.

1950s Egyptian Revival novelty print dress.

1960s cropped floral print blouse, A Capri Original.

1950s floral eyelet/cutouts dress with rhinestone decorations.

1970s fern print wrap skirt, by The Bagshaws of St. Lucia W.I.

1940s navy blue embroidered zigzag dress with big buttons, by Louisa Alcott.

1950s ditsy fruit and floral print blouse, by Sorority Deb.

1960s blue and green watercolor abstract dress, by Shelton Stroller.

1960s mosaic folklore print blouse with big Peter Pan collar, by Bill Atkinson Glen of Michigan.

1950s floral taffeta and chiffon party dress with rosette and velvet ribbon at the back.

1950s gray and blue plaid pleated full skirt.



  1. Love the fern print wrap skirt and the chiffon party dress is so pretty!

  2. Oh my goodness I am so in love with the rose taffeta dress, what a wee dream........
    Love V


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