Monday, April 22, 2013

transitional dressing

Andy and I went out on Saturday to see a Japanese film at the UICA and to visit our local favorite, Vertigo Music, for Record Store Day.  I had a sudden desire to wear this this pink and white embroidered skirt.  Let's call it a spring craving.  Because this spring has been the polar opposite of last spring, at least in western Michigan, and the weather has stayed pretty cold.

So the springy skirt had to be worn with tights, boots, a sweater...and my faux leopard coat.  And you know, I think this might be the best look for this skirt, ever.  Pink and leopard go together as well as pink and lipstick red do, if you ask me.

Just like handsome guys go together with pea coats.



  1. what a fun date and what a fun and great look on you Karen! great combo indeed!

  2. agreed good combo. I think Andy held the camera he wins the blog photo contest here....I think I might keep the faux leopard jacket in my shop, every vintage girl needs one right?

  3. This is a great look. I love black with pink, and the spotted faux cat is the icing.

  4. Love your outfit Karen. It's a fabulous combo indeed!
    I also agree with you about guys and peacoats. So dapper. :)

  5. OH OH I am so in love with that truly perfect faux leopard jacket. You look just gorgeous in it.
    love V


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