Monday, April 9, 2012

unwitting rebel

When I read Teresa's latest post on her great blog Bess Georgette (which you should be reading), I LOL-ed--for reals!  (I don't know, is it more annoying to say "for reals" or "literally"?  Or maybe saying "I LOL-ed" is the most obnoxious.  Hm.)  The post is the latest in her "Lately I'm loving" series, and it's about the colors blue and green (go check it out--Teresa is wearing a really cute outfit).  It was a case of long distance synchronicity (really long distance, since I'm in the American midwest and T is in Hong Kong), because I had just stepped out on the town wearing this very combination.  Last weekend I did a long overdue spring cleaning of my closet, and in the process came up with some new outfit ideas.  As you do.  I thought the kelly green 1970s sweater and 1980s navy blue polka dot skirt would make a nice couple, and wore them on Saturday.

1962 L'Officiel cover, via Jalou Gallery

Teresa's post also included this great 1962 L'Officiel cover and I've just blatantly stolen it from her (thanks, T!) because the Dior outfit on the cover reminded me of my outfit--only classier, and y'know...Dior.  Hey, the color scheme is pretty similar and there are polka dots.  Anyway, I learned a color/fashion rule I was completely unaware of from Teresa's blog post: "blue and green should never be seen except inside the washing machine."  Did you know this rule?  Well, I'm in agreement with Teresa that in the case of kelly green and dark blue, it is a rule meant to broken.

Do you have any fashion/color rules you will not break?  Or is anything fair game?  I'm not much of a rule-keeper, I admit.  If I like it, and don't think I look hideous in it, I'll probably wear it.  I do avoid wearing white, since I'm so pale and fear it will wash me out (I just learned lime green is a hideous color me, as well).  If you have a color or fashion rule you follow, put it in the comments; I'd love to read it.

(Oh, and be sure to visit Teresa's blog post about this color scheme--it has some more really great vintage examples of it!)



  1. *blush* you're so sweet Karen!
    But I do think the sweetest thing about this post is your outfit! The polka dot skirt looks perfect with your Kelly green sweater.

    HOORAY! for blue and green!

    PS I still want your red t-straps ;)

  2. i used to have WAY more color/fashion don'ts, like don't wear white after Labor Day, black and brown do not go together, green and brown make me look like a tree. I have broken every single one of those rules and I'm glad I did.

    I LOVE your outfit, as usual, Karen. Those burgundyish t-straps just top it off. Now off to read Teresa's post!

  3. I always heard it as 'blue and green should not be seen without a colour in between' but essentially, yes! I have heard that saying :) I like blue and green together. A lot of people think pink and red clash but I LOVE them together. I do stay away from brown and black (but I'm not keen on brown in general) but I don't have many rules.
    Also, love the outfit :)
    -Andi x

  4. I'd never heard that about not wearing those colors together...I used to work with a fiery redhead who always wore pink which I also hear is a no no...but she always pulled it off! lime green is pretty much my least favourite colour...though on other people it kinda looks nightmare! p.s. great shoe choice above!

  5. I was lucky enough to get a 1963 issue of L'Officiel at an estate sale once. What a fabulous magazine! Usually they're priced fabulously to match, though, so I've only got the one.

    Like Andi, I'd always heard never to mix red and pink, but it never looks bad on a Valentine's Day card. It's funny how all those old color rules (white after Labor Day et al.) have gone by the wayside.


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