Monday, April 30, 2012

shop preview

A small preview of some pretty things coming to the shop shortly!

1950s riot of flowers linen dress.

1950s white cotton tab button blouse, by Macshore Classics.

1940s navy blue linen dress with button decorations, by Kerrybrooke.

1960s green floral polished cotton sleeveless blouse.

1960s key lime pie dress.

1950s Mexico theme novelty print full skirt.

1950s cafe au lait skirt and middy blouse set, with ribbon trim.

1950s white cotton piqué cropped blouse.

1970s sheer navy blue swiss dot dress.

1950s blue sateen striped bombshell swimsuit, by Catalina.

1960s bluebell print dress with bow.


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  1. LOVE the key lime pie dress! Can you tell me what size it is? :)


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