Tuesday, April 3, 2012

shop accessories preview

Some accessories coming to the shop this week--shoes, hats, scarves, and an interesting and rugged bag!

1960s rainbow plaid fabric peeptoe pumps, by Air Step.

1970s Hush Puppies primary color wedge sandals.

Brown leather slingback pumps.

1970s mod dots Vera Neumann scarf (already in the shop!).

Mimi di N ladybugs and daisies cotton scarf.

Silk Givenchy scarf.

Calvin Klein cotton scarf.

Silk Sant' Angelo fish scarf.

1950s feathered hat, by Grace.

1930s men's straw boater, by Portis.

Blue floral cocktail hat.

Brass B-52 Stratofortress buckle.

Can Pro Corp heavy duty canvas and leather security bag, for transporting money...or possibly even film cans!



  1. I love the 1970s sandals!! Remind me a lot of some I've seen from the 40s/50s :D
    -Andi x

  2. Those first two pairs of shoes are gorgeous! LOVE the colours.
    The Hush Puppies are very 'Rainbow Brite' and I'm crossing my fingers they're my size. :)


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