Tuesday, April 24, 2012

shop preview

A look at a few new pieces coming to the shop shortly.  Shop updates may be slightly sporadic this week as my parents--and their two cute little pups--are visiting, which means lots of  off-computer quality time!

In related shop news, we are now offering Direct Checkout on Etsy.  So, if you aren't a PayPal fan, you can now check out using a credit card and avoid PayPal entirely.  (We still offer PayPal, as well.)

1950s summer plaid shirtwaist dress, by Paintset.

1970s deco dot print blouse with bow.

1960s tartan plaid cotton shift with pockets, by Russ.

1950s cafe au lait polka dot print blouse, by Helene.

1940s daisy print piqué sundress and jacket set.

Deadstock 1970s Levi's western wear dark denim skirt.

1960s candy stripe cotton shirt dress, by Sketch-4.

White cotton ruffles blouse.

1950s sage green floral print dress.



  1. dont you you mean PAINTSEX?! (i saw your tweet with the tag, ha!)

  2. Loving the last 50s floral dress!

    Have a fantastic time with your parents and the little pups. :D

  3. Love the color & print of that last dress!


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