Wednesday, April 4, 2012

strange beauty

The internets were very beautiful--and sometimes a little bit strange--in March.

1. I wish I could find a better source than the Tumblr I reblogged it from, but I had to share this beautiful 1930s photo of a young girl--it looks like she walked straight off the set of of Paper Moon. / a girl
2. Wiener Werkstätten "Waldidyll fabric" by Carl Otto Czeschka, 1910 / Crashingly Beautiful
3. Meditation, William Merritt Chase, 1885 / Wikimedia Commons
4. The Glowmar, a Crafstman era English style home / babyfella2007
5. embroidered cushion cover, Ann Macbeth, 1906 / The Textile Blog
6. Les Amours de l’au-Delà by Jacques Germinal / Regard Intemporal

1. circa 1960 living room from a Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Ideas book--that looks a lot like our own living room / The Red Jet
2. I'm not sure why this tot was photographed next to a big ole sharp saw, but I love the outfit / fuckyeahvictorians
3. Scottish brooch made from the talon of a falcon, 1860s / via
4. 1920s actress Olive Thomas / Bodie Bailey
5. cover of At the Back of the North Wind by George Macdonald / balderdashery
6. Girl in Grey, Louis le Brocquy, 1939 / via



  1. Karen, I just LOVE these monthly inspiration posts.

  2. I always look forward to your monthly inspiration, as well. I love that Waldidyll fabric. I try not to slip into the everything-used-to-be-better-than-it-is-now trap, but it seems like fabric actually did used to be better. I see vintage fabrics I love all the time (wallpaper, too) and never anything new I like! So frustrating.

    P.S. Thanks to you, Paul and I are now Game of Thrones addicts. We watched the entire first season in a week, but now we have to wait until next year because we don't have HBO! At least there are books...

    1. Oh, yay--I'm so glad you enjoyed Game of Thrones, Lauren! I've read the books, too, and I loved them...and I'm not normally a fantasy person. Did I tell you I read Young Bess on your rec and loved it? Now I need to read the other two in the trilogy.

    2. So glad you liked it. I need to read the next two books, as well. Young Bess was such a refreshing change from the usual historical novel.

      I'm not normally a fantasy person, either, and neither is Paul, but we got totally wrapped up in the first season and now have gone and bought the first two books to tide us over.

  3. A beautiful collection. I find myself really drawn to that William Merritt Chase portrait. The texture and the colour and how the woman appears to be looking straight past you into a space filled with her own thoughts.


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