Tuesday, April 10, 2012

not ok computer

Here's kind of an unplanned shop preview/update.  The cable company came to install a new router for a service upgrade, and whatever the guy loaded onto my laptop knocked it out of service--along with my photos for the last couple updates.  So if you're wondering where all those nifty things I promised you in the last two previews are, they're sitting on my poor little laptop which I can't start up, and which is with a technician now.  I do not relish re-taking these photos--or the thought of buying a new computer--so keep your fingers crossed that it can be fixed.

Instead, I've taken photos of new items in the meantime.  Several of these are already in the shop, and if you click the description link it will take you to the listing; the rest will be going in the shop this week.

1970s boatneck deconstructed top.

1950s saffron rose cotton sundress with bolero jacket.

1960s hieroglyph print dress.

1960s mod op art dots top.

1950s seersucker stripes dress, by Karen Kane.

1950s olive and wine paisley print polished cotton blouse, by Ship 'n Shore.

1960s pierrot dress.

Adorable mouse and mushrooms wrap skirt.

1950s pink pansy print cotton Fruit of the Loom dress.



  1. Oh how annoying! There's nothing worse than having your computer out of action. I hope it's fixed or nearly fixed!

    I was wondering why it was taking you so long to list those hush puppies. I wanted to see if they were my size… and now I'm trying to decide what I can wear them with. I really like them!

  2. Oh sadness, I kept watching for that amazing gingham skirt to come up (and it was even my size) and completely missed it. D'oh! Hope that your computer situation is remedied soon!


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