Monday, April 16, 2012

site: lab / harris building

One of my favorite things in Grand Rapids is Site: Lab, the group that has been creating interesting art "happenings" in unique locations in the city for a couple years now.  (I've written here in the blog before about their projects at the old Grand Rapids Public Museum and at the Blandford Nature Center.)  Site: Lab's usage of old, currently unoccupied buildings to stage some of their events really speaks to the vintage lover in me. On Friday night, Andy and I went to check out the latest Site: Lab happening, at the old Harris building downtown.  This was a one night only event, and it was great to see so many people turn out--there was a line to get in.

I loved how they lit up the old Harris sign to read "Site Lab" as it changed from purple to green.

I had to take a shot of my cute new flats from Seychelles.

The Harris building used to house the Harris Furniture well as a lodge for fraternal order the Knights of Pythias on the second floor.  The space was transformed with lights, an exhibit with information on the building's history, and performances in the center of the building.

Knights of Pythias symbol in lights on the floor.

It was the kind of surreal, full sensory experience I needed after a stressful week of dealing with business and computer issues.  And there are many more cool photos from the evening on Site: Lab's Facebook page.

Even Lucy enjoyed a night out.



  1. Is the fourth photo, the one of the triangle and it's shadow, the symbol of the Knights of Pythias? I don't know much about the knights but I think that installation looks awesome! :)

    A huge AWWWWWWWWWWWWW to Lucy!

    1. It's actually three triangles like that in yellow, blue and red--my 7th photo from the top. I wish I'd spent more time reading the historic information they had in the installation!

  2. looooove the dome and the taxidermy heads.......

  3. It was an electric night! I was working there as a greeter on the first floor and I'm also a GRCC student who had a photograph displayed with the other GRCC Photography students on the top floor of the building.:-)

    Kay L. Brown

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