Tuesday, February 7, 2012

january beauty

January was chock full of beautiful inspiration via the internets.  I think this is partly due to my joining Pinterest, which has been a lot of addictive fun.  You can follow my pins here, and my Tumblr blog here.

1. 1930s zig zag dress / wondertrading
2. by Czech painter Jakub Schikaneder / via
3. 1967 tree coat by Bill Blass for Maurice Renter / Metropolitan Museum of Art
4. vintage schoolchildren from National Geographic / The Cat's Pajamas

1. the tartan map / calsidyrose
2. late 1800s-early 1900s Washington Square Park arch postcard / NYPL
3. Anjelica Huston modeling / Quite Continental
4. London street style / Street Style Aesthetic
5. waterfowl in Iowa / Bookworks Chicago



  1. Fantastic coat! Pinterest is a ton of fun, but totally addicting I might warn.

  2. I love Pinterest. I tried for a long time to stay away because I knew how awesomely fun it was but I finally did it haha. Wonderful photots!

  3. that coat *is* particularly lovely! i also like the bookworks image of the waterbirds. very winter and very elegant!

  4. That Bill Blass coat is amazing!
    I absolutely love how Pinterest just keeps gaining in popularity! It's such and easy and wonderful resource for inspiration. It'll be interesting to see how it changes as it grows.

  5. ah pinterest...seems to be a new best friend! :-) these are amazing collages!

  6. I like Pinterest, but I think Tumblr is still #1 in my heart. Pinterest is great for organizing things, but Tumblr is better for wonderful surprise finds.

  7. when I actually attack pinterest I shall join you..or follow you..or like you...something will happen anyway!
    does look fun.

  8. I always enjoy your Tumblr posts! Such great finds!

  9. I love these! I will be following your pins now! thanks for the inspiration!


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