Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a pretty girl is like a violent crime

...if you do it wrong you might do time
But if you do it right
it is sublime

--Magnetic Fields, "A Pretty Girl is Like"

Here's a shop preview where the only discernable theme is: prints! And lots of 'em.

1950s mocha lace and peach taffeta wiggle dress.

1960s polka dot and stripes ascot-neck dress.

1950s mustard angora and lambswool cardigan, by Glasgo.

1950s rayon blend gingham dress with big button tabs and matching belt.

Bronze brocade Nelly de Grab maxi skirt.

1960s pink and lime green two-piece fleur de lis knit dress set, from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Bright yellow daffodil cardigan, by California Girl.

Stunning 1950s black satin and chiffon cocktail dress.

Blue sailor-ette print dress.

Teal chantilly lace skirt.

1950s sepia paint daubs print taffeta dress with mesh peek-a-boo neckline.

Blue willow print cardigan.

Wear it two ways--tie in back or front! 1960s woodcut windowpane print dress by Whistle Stop.

Floral chintz print blouse.

1960s chainlink print dress with bow at neck, by Nelly Don.

Diane Von Furstenberg scallop edge wrap sweater with sparkly Lurex thread.

1930s navy swiss dot muslin day dress trimmed in satin.



  1. that little 30's dress is the sweetest.

  2. ooooo the 30s dress is divine!

  3. the 30's dress is lovely - but it's the pink & lime green saks dress that has my heart!

  4. There are at least 3 pieces in this shop preview that I want to get into my closet! That pink and green number is awesome!

  5. I love the mustard cardi - but then I am wearing one just like it! And that black cocktail dress is something else!!

  6. Ooh I LOVE the spots/stripes frock and the windowpane frock. The pink and green and the yellow cardi also call my name...

    Sarah xxx


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