Monday, February 21, 2011

the chinook

Upon seeing these photos I asked Andy, "Why did you say I looked cute in this?" (It is--I think--common knowledge that we look different in photos than we do in the mirror. This has always been my experience anyway. And which is closer to reality: the photo or the mirror?) Andy said, "Well, you can't see the bow in the photo." (There's a little scarf tie at the neck of this sweater, which, yeah, you can't really see in the photo.)

Bow = cute.

I posted these photos (from Friday) anyway because it's the first time I've worn shoes (and not boots) outside the house in a few months. Friday was crazy windy. It was so windy, my first thought was of the Chinook winds in Colorado, which I always think of as the wind that brings spring. Though it wasn't that warm, most of the snow had melted, and I thought I could smell or sense spring in the wind. So I decided to wear these cute shoes with triangular cutouts for the first time.

We went to a movie and then stopped by a local bar with friends for a pint. The bar's power was out due to the high winds, but they had the place all candlelit, the taps were working, and we had cash. It was lovely--quiet and intimate. When the lights came back on and the jukebox started blaring, I was a bit sad.

This isn't Colorado, and there aren't any mountains and thus, no Chinook. It is Monday now and there is a good foot of fresh snow on the ground. Back to the boots.



  1. what? you do look cute! i can see it. your hair looks particularly cute. :)

  2. Love that first photo of you and that precious Lucy of yours! p.s. I loooooove Colorado. x

  3. Ok I just wrote something without looking at Laurens comment and then realized we wrote the same thing... so ditto. And aahhhh at the shoes - you know I like them :)

  4. i love those shoes! and the story about the bar--that sounds wonderful.

  5. bow or no bow, Andy's right (though I don't think it's cloying enough to be called 'cute'...more like 'fashionably smart').

  6. those are some cute shoes!
    but i love boots - i usually go straight from boots right into sandals :)


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