Thursday, February 3, 2011

i don't believe in the sun

How could it shine down on everyone
and never shine on me
How could there be such cruelty
The only sun I ever knew
was the beautiful one that was you

Actually, it's a very bright and sunny day here today. There may be over a foot of fresh snow--but there's sun! The groundhog predicted an early spring, but it's certainly not here yet.

So here's a shop preview with some cozy, warm knits, and some pastel, spring-y things--something for whatever your weather or mood!

Cream Italian wool fisherman's sweater.

Reindeer sweater dress.

Scottie dog sweater with tartan ribbon trim, by Susan Bristol.

Scandinavian motif embroidered maxi dress, by Berkshire.

1970s geometry print ascot neck blouse.

Silky tulip print, flutter sleeve dress.

1980s seafoam and pink argyle sweater vest.

Mint green linen dress set.

Zigzag pussy bow sweater, by R&K Originals.

1960s mod swirl print scooter dress, by Patty Petite.

1960s gray voile embroidered blouse, by Shapely Classic.

Dreamy landscape maxi dress.

Polished cotton rose print blouse, by Lady Van Heusen.

1950s stained glass print voile dress with wide sash tie at waist.



  1. OMG the reindeer sweater dress - SO FABULOUS!

  2. I agree with Jennoit--love that dress. All these dresses and blouses are super. :)

  3. That scottie dog sweater is amazing! Really amazing. Great warm & lovely stash!


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