Friday, February 18, 2011

you were my glass menagerie

...Did you not find that odd
I dwelt within and went without
and broke my virgin flesh
I performed acts of devotion
as if you were Ganesh, but
now I'm crazy for you but not that crazy
I'm crazy for you but not that crazy

(See, I'm still working in those magnificent Stephin Merritt 69 Love Songs lyrics! He makes it so easy.)

I thought I'd preview a couple really cute 1970s novelty animal sweaters that are coming to the shop shortly. The elephant one (Ganesh!) is particularly cool. I love how his tail goes up and into the V of the neckline. And there's even an extra baby elephant on the right cuff.

The little terriers on the red sweater have silvery tinsel woven through their muzzles.

Already in the shop are these critters: Scottie dog sweater.

Tooled leather deer wallet.

1970s rooster print men's shirt.

Vera Neumann butterfly print scarf.

And a very fancy spider pin!



  1. Did you already know how much I would love this post? You must have! Every. single. piece. That spider pin is one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

  2. LOVE the elephant sweater and the spider pin! so great!

  3. GAH!I love the owl pants and elephant sweater the most! I really don't wear color or prints, but when I shop for vintage for the shop it's exactly what I hope to find.


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