Wednesday, February 9, 2011

we still dance on whirling stages my Busby Berkeley dreams

Yep, I'm sticking with the Magnetic Fields "69 Love Songs" lyrics as post titles this month (although the title/lyrics above have nothing really to do with this post). Well, actually, no--there are two pairs of dancing-ready shoes in this preview. And some fancy cuff links for the guys.

Herewith, a shop preview for you.

Vintage LL Bean shearling-lined leather boots.

1980s denim and leather boots, made in Spain by Jazz.

1960s pebbled orange leather flats with decorative topstitching and tassels, by Joseph Diminuettes.

1970s LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe duck boots.

1960s taupe suede and silver leather heels, by Johansen.

Pale pink perforated Bass loafers.

1970s leather and wood high heel mule clogs, by Stuff.

Olive and gold plaid tote.

1960s tapestry bucket bag.

Men's leather tie and cufflink hanging travel case.

Silk lighthouse scarf, by Vera.

Cotton Vera butterflies scarf.

Ram print scarf, by Sakowitz.

Cubist Vera scarf.

Sheer pink sun and marshgrass print scarf, by Vera.

1960s flat bottom color stripe tie, by B.J. Ernst.

Yellow silk print bat wing bow tie, by Enduro Cravat.

Mosaic print bat wing bow tie.

Three 1960s tie clips. Top modernist clip by Hickock; bottom clip by Swank. Middle clip has a ski motif.

1960s silvertone and rhinestone star cuff links, by Shields.

Swanky goldtone bejeweled cuff links.

Pheasant print tea towel, by Lois Long.

Cottage rose print round linen tablecloth.

1937 commemorative Dutch cup, by Mosa Maastricht.

Adorable folklore wooden decorative tile.

1950s celery green plastic eyeglass frames, by Bausch & Lomb.



  1. Wow! there's almost too much awesome stuff in this post to process! Here's my knee-jerk reaction:

    WHY ARE THOSE YELLOW FLATS SO SMALL!!!!! I want to wear them with a navy dress and that awesome lighthouse scarf!

  2. oh gosh, those yellow shoes are just darling, Karen!! What size? also, so many lovely prints there!

  3. The yellow flats are actually orange (my camera or monitor must be playing tricks on me)...and they are marked size 6 1/2!

  4. What inspiring photos these are!


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