Sunday, February 20, 2011

occupational hazard

(Thanks to the lovely Jessica of The Gray Bird, whose post today mentioning cuticles and dry winter skin inspired this post!)

I do not have pretty hands. I partly blame my occupation for this. When you are constantly handling and touching fabric, it saps the natural moisture from your skin and if you don't take care, you end up like me--constantly cropping your hideous cuticles and dry-skinned fingers out of photos of flattened dress tags.

But my hands are looking much better lately, having discovered the cure. Every evening (well, nearly every evening) once I've washed up I slather this wondrous Badger Cuticle Care on my hands and nails, concentrating on any dry areas. (How cute is he, that badger?) This has to be done at the end of the evening, as the balm is fairly greasy and takes awhile to sink in. But it works beautifully--after just a few nights of using it, my cuticles and dry fingertips are completely healed and smooth. And it has a lovely and relaxing scent, perfect for calm, end-of-day soothing, with essential oils of geranium, ginger, cardamom, rosemary, litsea cubeba, mandarin and lemongrass.

I'm pretty sure the first person to bring the Badger line to my attention was my dear friend Jessica of Now Smell This blog. (Thank you, Jessica!) Badger makes balms for every purpose, and the Cuticle Care seems to work especially well. You can order from the Badger website, though I like to purchase most of my natural skincare stuff at, where it's usually a bit cheaper.

(Oh, and in the sake of full disclosure--there's nothing to disclose. I buy my own Badger products and no one from Badger has ever asked me to review or talk about their line, nor have they sent me any free products.)



  1. ooh thanks for the tip. my hands age me by 10 years. I'll definitely give this a try. :-)

  2. Also from all the garment handling I find I wash my hands A LOT more over the course of the day. I discovered Mrs.Meyers hand soap recently and it has really helped keeping my hands from getting too stripped and leaves them soft.

    Thanks for the recommendation. I am still on the hunt for "the one".

  3. i'm glad that my horrible winter cuticles inspired a post! haha ;)
    i seriously might have to buy some of this badger stuff! looks wonderful!


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