Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i could dress in black and read camus

...smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth
like i was 17
that would be a scream
but i don't want to get over you.

In a timely move, I just bought The Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs boxed set, and that is one of my favorite lyrics. (I also made an "i don't want to get over you" Etsy treasury, which you can see here.) Yes, the next Hallmark holiday approacheth, and when you're selling items on Etsy, and people have been making heart-filled treasuries for the past two months, you do start to get a little sick of it. And I have not been immune, having quickly put a couple Valentines-y things in the shop!

It's not like I'm not romantic. I just prefer the dark, longing, tragic side of it to the hearts and flowers variety. (I guess I'm still 17 and reading Camus.) And in the spirit of romance, A and I are headed up to the (I assume) even-snowier north for a few days to eat great food, to thrift, and to escape the computer for a few days while it goes into rehab. (It's very slow.)

But first, here's a preview of things to come.

Red roses maxi dress.

Cuddly shawl collar grandpa cardigan.

1980s navy and red stripe military style dress.

1950s herringbone tweed full pleated skirt, by Petti.

1960s French market print dress, by Sue Brett.

1950s diamond pattern cozy cardigan, by Arrow Ski Lodge.

1960s deadstock tribal print shift, new with tag, by Prophecy.

1960s dijon yellow pintucks and eyelet lace blouse, by The Pilot.

1960s deadstock ruffle and stripe dress, by A Valerie Original.

1960s moss green daisies cardigan.

1960s deadstock turquoise and olive green striped knit dress with bateau neck, by Lenbarry Casuals.

1960s gingham dolly dress with piqué collar and satin bow at neck, by Gay Gibson.



  1. gosh - I haven't listed to them in too long. gotta get on it. my favorite line: "so you quote love unquote me"...I know there are so many better, but that one always makes me smile.

  2. The Magnetic Fields are one of my all time favorite bands. I finally got the box set on vinyl and it's fantastic.

    So many lovely finds here!

  3. I want or need that daisy moss green sweater :)

  4. I used to wear black and smoke cloves, but i was 18. Hate vermouth, though.

  5. Hey, I did those things when I was 17! But I also never did go for the vermouth. Sorry to hear your computer is also slow. Darn computers! Hope the rehab helped.

  6. 69 love songs is so wonderful I agree xx

    Yep, black turtleneck, smoking, reading Camus and drinking lots of coffee...those were the days (besides the smoking, glad I gave that up).



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