Thursday, September 2, 2010

random house

That's me and my dad above. Andy and I just spent a few days in St. Louis where we attended his retirement party. (Congratulations, Hoss!) He worked as a sugar salesman, and was given "vintage" bags of sugar as a gift, which was pretty funny. He was also serenaded in Italian by the owner of the restaurant where the party was held, which was pretty awesome. The people who have worked with my dad over the years universally praised his all-around niceness and excellent customer service. Any pleasant customer service you receive at the hands of Small Earth Vintage is pretty much directly attributable to my dad, so cheers and thanks to you, Hoss!

Anyway, the reason this post is full of randomness is that I'm all at sixes and sevens due partly the trip out of town and partly to the fact that Andy has begun our long-overdue home improvement project (first mentioned here). But we took a break from the scraping and painting and photographing and listing to go check out The Girl Who Played with Fire at the UICA. The UICA is moving to a new location, and I can't help but wonder what will happen to the neat sidewalk mosaics in front the building.

We had a delicious dinner at Bloom afterwards. Andy took this photo of me in front of the Civil War statue near Bloom.

And I took this photo of a cool old building across from the statue. The Kendall sign near the top made us think it must be an original location for the Kendall College art school, but having read up on the history of the school I don't think so.

I also love the yellow cornices on this old building, which sits at the corner, directly across from Bloom.

However, the neon strip mall signage of the tan and wax joint on the ground floor? Not so much.

Oh, but I do love the hiliarious tag I found this week on an old western shirt!

My plan for next week: get more focused! And as work on the house progresses, I promise to post some scary Befores and (hopefully) beautiful Afters!



  1. The BarF tag is awesome! Also, you seem to have some very cute, wearable looks--like your style.

  2. Oh, cool!
    I'm in St Louis so if you're ever back in town for fun, let me know and I'll point you in the direction of the good vintage shops! That tag cracks me up!!

  3. clearly that tag just tickles me to Deat-H.

  4. That tag rocks! Love the photographs of the buildings too. Good luck with your home improving. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the story about your dad - that is really special! Good luck with your work on the house!

  6. That tag is a hoot! Love all the pictures, especially the first one. Your father and you are adorable.

  7. Aw, how cute are you and your dad?! That tag is hilarious. Good luck with the floors, are you still thinking of painting the colors in that bedroom in Bright Star? I think that would be lovely :)

  8. I'm *almost* tempted to look up 'barf' in the OED to find out whether that tag is only retroactively funny or the invention of a master brander.

  9. a big round of Awwwwww is called for here. and an Ooof for that tag....

  10. that tag rocks! and the buildings are so gorgeous - i like the way you photograph them.

  11. i love your dress from the party. looks stunning from the picture, so sweet! and a "barf" tag...? haha!

  12. You and your dad looked so cute! And truly, because of your dad's dedication and hard work towards your business, your business is still running smoothly and you are able to adapt your dad's great attitude on running a business. Good customer service is one of the ways that can make a business successful. And a lot of call centers today are really making waves in providing the service that we truly deserve.

    I hope that your business will last and stay longer! And by the way, you've got nice photos too!


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