Monday, September 27, 2010

hoy hoy hoy!

Saturday brought two of my favorite autumnal events: Oktoberfest and the beginning of ArtPrize. Luckily I had this cool piece of vintage German gear to wear to Oktoberfest--an eggplant purple wool trachten jacket with green felt oak leaf appliques and antler buttons.

Lucy wore her cool new chipmunk t-shirt from WrenWillow on Etsy.

After sharing some sausage and delicious German beers, we headed across the river to check out the ArtPrize offerings. I like the giant SteamPig!

However, I wasn't too impressed by the "art" that was the giant Hallmark card.

And the flipside of the card was, frankly, a little creepy.

The tree man, made out of rusty metal.

This last photo may not look like much (try clicking to enlarge it), but it's a really cool piece: a parabola of purple-blue balloons that floats over the Grand River, and is illuminated at night by what look like tiny LED lights. So pretty when viewed from the blue (pedestrian) bridge!



  1. looks like fun! All three of you are adorable- does that jacket have antler buttons on it?! Love it!

  2. I totally remember this post from last years Art Prize. Time flies! Looks like it was a fun time and you look great!

  3. Love Art Prize. Hope to make it there next week.
    Your jacket is a classic. Cool.

  4. that Amway Distributer sweater on Andy is priceless (which is probably why he kept it)! I wonder what 'level' they had to achieve before getting that beauty ;)


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