Wednesday, September 22, 2010

earn your stripes

Quite a choice of stripes in this week's Etsy shop preview--horizontal and vertical, zigzag-y chevron, pinstripes, seersucker, and crosshatched in plaid!

1950s red stripe shirtwaist dress with belt.

1970s swan and rainbow print blouse, by Middledale.

1960s forest green plaid wool dress with belt, by Leslie Fay.

Blue striped blouse, by Aldens.

Pink silk Asian style dress with frog closures on the bodice, by Suzy Perette.

1970s southwestern stripe skirt.

Polka-dot kerchief neck dress with tie belt, by Nancy Valentine.

1950s pinstripe and pintuck blouse with scalloped collar, by Shapely Classic.

Butterscotch brocade cocktail dress and jacket with pavé rhinestone buttons.

1970s deco scallop print sweater.

Raspberry calico print dress.

1950s forest green plaid knife-pleated full skirt.

Yellow and gray chevron zigzag stripe knit dress with scarf neck.

Green painterly stripe blouse, by Epic, tailored by Evan-Picone.

1950s seersucker stripe wiggle dress and jacket.

Vera Neumann patchwork print tunic.

Bohemian earthtone dress, by Umba for Parnes Feinstein.

Striped wool skirt, by Isaac Hazan.

Round collar wool and crepe dress with belt, by Mr. Mort.

1950s poodle and dachshund print blouse.

Heron print dress, by Serbin.

Black and white floral print cotton sateen blouse, by Cos Cob.

1950s black bow belt dress, by Parade.

Autumn leaf print blouse.

1960s brick wall print dress with Peter Pan collar and scarf, by Carol Craig.

1940s chevron stripe blouse, by Judy Bond.

1940s lavender crepe dress.



  1. That scallop print sweater and the chevron dress are to die for! Love.

  2. there just aren't enough brick prints in the world if you ask me. And that polka dot dress!

  3. I just don't know how you decide which of your amazing finds you decide to keep for yourself, I'd want to keep them all ^U^ and if they didn't fit I'd want to put them on the wall.
    I love your blog and shop.

  4. Ahhhhhhh - must have that zigzag stripe dress! And someone is going to be fantastic in that poodle blouse. I'm with claire - I don't know how you deal with not clogging up your own closet.

  5. well the last dress is just, well, is *just*. sigh...

  6. chevron knit dress with scarf is amazing. the 40s dress is divine!

  7. I don't think I've ever even seen a brick print, it's pretty fab. Also, that scarf neck on that 60's dress is C U T E!

  8. Whoa, you have so many amazing vintage finds! Did you already put these in your shop or will you soon do so? If it's the former I'd be entirely sad because I kind of need that poodle blouse. And also maybe kinda half of what you posted.

  9. Hi Eline! This is a preview--I'm starting to list these items today, and they'll be appearing in my shop throughout the next week.

  10. Okay, I am starting to obsess just a bit about that gray chevron zigzag stripe dress. It hasn't been listed yet, has it?


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