Friday, September 24, 2010

summer's last gasp

Summer came back with a vengeance yesterday: 85 degree temps and lots of humidity. But it allowed me to wear this new find that otherwise would have hidden in my closet until next year, a Swirl-style wrap dress with a pretty vineyard-like print in greens and plums.

It was the perfect, comfortable dress to wear on the buying trip we took yesterday to Kalamazoo and points south. The shopping was pretty good (I found a wonderful silk 1960s Tina Leser dress!), and we got to visit the Bell's brewery for lunch and pints, always a treat.

Speaking of treats, here's Lucy proving she is not to old to do a circus dog dance for one.

I loved these old school chicken swings spotted at an apparently deserted (nap time?) preschool.

We ended the evening with cocktails (racquet clubs and Moscow Mules!) and snacks at the Viceroy with a lovely friend who brought me perfume samples! Does it get any better?



  1. Sounds like a perfect day! I always try to get my fill of Bell's when I'm visiting the midwest.

  2. Great photos! *sigh* I fear this is the last Hurrah! Enjoy it while we can :)

  3. Love that dress! Good thing you still got to wear it this year. Those swings are also super cool.

  4. what a sweet day....I also fear today may be the pnw's last 70 degree day until next July......those dogs! they know what cute is. I think they practice that cuteness in the mirror when we are gone from the house....


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