Wednesday, September 8, 2010

autumn inspiration + a confession

Today I bring you two images that I've been saving in my favorites for five months now: autumn inspiration winging its way to you all the way from London in April! These images come from one of my favorite street style blogs, London's The Style Scout.

I love this first girl's color combo: red-and-blue plaid with a fabulous mustard coat. And the cardigan buttoned up over the dress is very me. This is the kind of eccentric, playful look I often wear in fall and winter--especially when I'm feeling brave about color!

This second look is much more aspirational--and here is where my confession comes. I absolutely love this entire look, top to bottom (and wasn't I just talking about dandy-ish dressing the other day?)! But what I'd kill for here are the pants. (Well, and also the velvet waistcoat.) They are perfection.

If we travel back in time on this blog almost exactly one year, you will see me, once again, talking about my pants obsession. Why do I still not own the pants of my dreams? Well, the truth is, as much as I love to shop for the business--to thrift, to antique, to church/estate/garage-sale till I drop--I do not love to shop for myself. Hence, 90% of my wardrobe comes to me by happy accident. Oh look, that dress I picked up for the shop fits! Into my closet it goes. But to go out on purpose to shop for me, especially if it's for a particular garment I need? No thanks--that is torture.

Anyone else feel this way?



  1. I am the complete opposite~I LOVE trying on clothes and shopping only for me!!!!!
    But then again, I don't do it for my profession so we have entirely different thought processes going on here.
    ...and YES I love those pants! You MUST find yourself some, you would probably find yourself living in them.

  2. What perfect vintage outfits!! I love the colours of the girl's outfit in the first picture, and the trousers in the second. How wonderful they look, thanks for sharing!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. I too am searching for perfect pants. I don't think they are out there.

  4. Oh my gosh! I want that green coat. Love the colors. Be brave more often.


  5. oh sweet inspiration. Pants. Are. Hard. To. Fit. I can draft patterns and ugh, pants must always be tried on...until you find that pair/manufacturer/designer that gets it right for you. Which is why I usually only wear Levis. Or pants that stretch. ;-)


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