Thursday, September 30, 2010

fantasy Etsy home shopping

We're in the middle of a major (for us) home renovation: ripping up all the carpeting in the house and painting the floors white, plus painting the cherry paneling in the bedroom white so I can have my dream all-white bedroom. To be honest, Andy's been doing nearly all the work. Which leaves me the terrible burden (ahem) of fantasy shopping for all the stuff we'll need when the project is finally finished.

All these items can be found on my marketplace of choice, Click the photo to see the item for sale on Etsy.

White painted floors mean no shoes in the house. Warm felted wool slippers like these from onstail will be a necessity!

We'll be wanting to get some small, pretty rugs like these, mostly for our pup, Lucy, who refuses to sit on anything that isn't soft and padded. From greenatheart.

I just love this vivid blue crocheted bath mat from theblackwoodcottage. So much nicer than the rubber-backed synthetic thing from Meijer currently residing in the bathroom.

I'm tired of our current couch pillows. These covers from skinnylaminx would freshen them up nicely!

We found a great vintage metal drinks cart at Goodwill recently, that will be taking up residence in the living room when everything is done. RustBeltThreads has the best collection of mid century barware on Etsy (heck, the Mad Men prop department bought some of her goods!), and this tumblers set would look real nice sitting next to my Fee Brothers bitters and bourbon.

Gosh, all that fantasy shopping is exhausting. I think I deserve a relaxing bath with ForStrangeWomen's Tree Resin bath salts. I already love her Pine Cone lip balm. And I think I should add a Cabin Fever candle in for good measure. ("The aroma of fallen decomposing leaves fills the air while a wood burning stove imparts a comforting warmth and subtle smoke. Faint traces of cedar and mushrooms complete this artful interpretation of a lonely November evening."--!!!)



  1. I'm so happy to be included in all these fabulous finds...those slippers look oh so cozy. Good luck with the rest of the home renovation. I hope you post pics of the before and after!

  2. Karen, You are amazing woman, I fell so honored!!!
    Thank you for featured my felted slippers!!!

  3. i love fantasy shopping on etsy! the carpet from greenatheart is adorable!

  4. mmmmm....decomposing leaves. moss. cedar....and a good dark beer. Off to see ForStrangeWomen...that is calling my name!


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