Monday, September 6, 2010


I watched Coco avant Chanel the other night and was inspired by the dandyish menswear Audrey Tatou wore in the movie--so it was time to break out the bow tie. I wore this on a little thrift trip we took on Saturday, when autumn suddenly hit us with cool temps and lots of blustery wind. Thus it was also time to wear my newly-thrifted vintage LL Bean sweater vest. I wish I could remember whose blog post it was that originally spawned my "Ah! I need a vest!" moment, but I do know that seeing this lovely blog post by Maria of Adelaide Homesewn wearing a vest over a wonderful dress with an ascot neck helped seal the deal.

The arrival of autumnal weather made it particularly necessary that Andy and I share a sausage plate and some delicious German beers at this nifty little rathskeller.

Speaking of sausages, on this trip I had to dig through the most nightmarishly tightly-packed racks in a dirty Salvation Army store ever. Andy always tells me that "Clothes in thrift stores are clean--people do not donate dirty clothes!" My response: that may be true, but I believe the employees of the Sal then go and pour cups of coffees on the racks, because inevitably everything there is stained and dirty. Nonetheless, I found a real bevy of cute dresses on this trip, so it all turned out well.

A couple of local sights.

Hope your weekend was beautiful and full of fun!



  1. really loving the bow tie too. I'll have to give it a try soon.

  2. I love the bow tie so much, and the knitted waistcoat (or is it a cardigan? I can't see, but it is lovely nonetheless!). What a perfect outfit!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. Andy is wrong. My mom has worked for Goodwill for 15 years and people donate all kinds of trash and dirty laundry. Then, the people who work there are often the not the brightest bulbs in the bunch, and I'm talking about the managers, and they jam as much crap onto the racks as possible because they falsely believe we will buy more if there is more out there. When, the reality is we will buy more if we can see it and not injure ourselves looking at it. Oye, don't get me started.

  4. My aunt fanny people don't donate clothes! I once found this gorgeous 1960's skirt and I thought for sure it was a gold mine, no stains, rips, etc. Sure enough I take it home, and an old aunt flow stain (Huge btw) laid. Humans are disgusting and do not care how they donate as long as it is out of there sight. (Experience from working at a thrift store too)

  5. The bow tie looks great- Inspirational indeed!

  6. such a great outfit! love the vest... and, i've also been craving a vest for this fall too!

  7. i've been thinking about getting a bow tie, and now i'm convinced that i need one! where did you get yours? any suggestions? don't think i can do a sweater vest, though. tailored vest - yes! fringe suede vest - yes! faux fur vest a la Rachel Zoe - yes!

  8. Carys--It's a waistcoat!

    Alex--Where I get all my stuff! Which I can't tell you, because then I'd have to kill you. ;) Seriously, check thrift shops, antique malls, Etsy. Mine's a clip-on.

    Cherri and Melissa--Andy has certain "ideas." The "people only donate clean clothing" one is a particularly irrational one that I think he is slowly beginning to see the light on. :D M, that is a revolting tale!

  9. Love your outfit....and how I wish Andy was right!

  10. Love the bow. Too cute! I'm guessing some of the clothes at thrift stores definitely was donated dirty. That explains the smell....Not that I'm complaining. I heart thrift stores forever, even the grubby ones (though I have learned the hard way never to use their public restrooms....)

  11. Ugh, of COURSE people donate dirty clothes! People are nasty!! :-O

  12. Just when I'm thinking you couldn't be any cooler, you turn it up a notch. Looking good!


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