Monday, September 16, 2013

street style: coats, boyish tailoring, and perfect layers

I prefer cool weather fashion to that of warmer weather, so I guess it's not a huge surprise that the last time I did a street style post on this blog was in March.  What is surprising (or not, I guess) is that the looks that caught my eye over the summer were all pretty autumnal.  In fact, there aren't really any surprises here if you know me.  If it's plaid, has a great collar, is kinda boyish or interestingly layered, or involves contrasting prints--I love it!

This first set all involves stylish women in coats.  That first gal is my favorite.  I'm 100% certain I could not pull off socks and pumps, but she can--and I love the plaid fur-collared coat over the plaid dress.  Magnificent!

1 / Soho NY / Lord Ashbury
2 / Milan / The Locals
4 / Melbourne (?) / StyleSight

I love tweed and tailoring--for ladies and gents.  I wore wool knickers in 5th or 6th grade similar to those of the gal on the left.  I don't think I'd try it again, but boy does she look cute in them!

1 / London (?) / StyleSight
2 / Milan (?) / StyleSight

Cardigans and big bags (or suitcases, in Vanessa's case).  I love the yellow and gray outfit (with her orange hair!) on the left...really love that cardigan and the dress' collar.  And Vanessa, well...Vanessa can do no wrong as far as I'm concerned.  I am always inspired by her outfits, and this polka dot dress and flowered cardi is perfection.

2 / Vanessa of Two Squirrels Vintage in New Zealand / Two Squirrels blog

I'll try not to wait so long before the next street style post!



  1. I love the knickers outfit. I have 2 pairs, but I'm too timid to wear them. My favorite is Vanessa with her patterned suitcase and textured sweater.

  2. O, I love that first woman too, such amazing pattern combination, and I am a big fan of socks or tights with any kind of shoe!
    GAGGING over the lady in grey with the yellow cardi! Impeccable! And darling Vanessa has the MOST enviable collection of coats and cardigans.......dammit....!

  3. The first girl is one of my faves too. Her pattern mixing and yep. Socks and shoes… love it! I see so many people successfully pulling off this style but I'm not sure I can either.


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