Wednesday, September 4, 2013

shop preview: zwischen

Zwischen means "between" in German.  I like this word because it's fun to say and it sounds like what it means ("zwischen" has a squished sound to it, doesn't it?).  We're between seasons right now.  Summer is ending, which is bittersweet, but there is the anticipation of autumn's arrival.   It will be tights weather soon, but don't put away your summer dresses just yet!

Here's a preview of what's coming to the shop this week.

1950s butterfly print sundress with green rhinestones, by Jerry Gilden.

White linen blouse embroidered with tropical fish.

1950s houndstooth dress and jacket set, by Charles Hymen.

1950s Ocean Blue nautical blouse with pintucks and big buttons.

1950s jade green print dress with nautical collar, by R&K Original.

1940s blue and red plaid wool skirt with triangular flap pockets.

1950s blue plaid dress, by Haybrooke Classic.

1950s floral embroidered nylon blouse, by Judy Bond.

1950s taffeta Painted Desert dress.

1960s blue plaid clam diggers, by White Stag.

1940s ribbon stripe taffeta dress, by R&K Original.

1950s vine print cardigan.


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  1. Gorgeous collection of prints Karen, as always! :)
    I'm so sad that butterfly dress is tiny. :(


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