Tuesday, September 24, 2013

autumn fashions in Austria, 1935

I have new internet obsession, and its mouthful of a name (at least for us non-German speakers) is the Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, or Austrian National Library.  The website for the library has a fabulous virtual reading room where you can peruse hundreds of years of Austrian newspapers and magazines, ranging from journals of firefighting and law, to travel and women's magazines.  One of my favorite discoveries is Moderne Welt (The Modern World) magazine, a treasure trove of vintage 1920s-1930s fashion (and fashion illustration).  Just to give you a taste, below is the cover and autumn fashions from the September 1935 issue (you can see the full issue online here).

Autumn hats.  (I have tried without success to decipher the signature of the illustrator for these interior illustrations.  If anybody knows what it says, please tell me!)

Autumn fashions for shopping and...walking the dog!  (I'm told Austrians really love dogs.)  Not only do I love the fashions here, but the script headers and little illustrations with them (particularly that terrier) are so charming.  Oh, and I'll take the plaid Shopping suit and the top Promenade outfit.  Danke!  (That cute green suit on the left with cherries on the front of the jacket is by Nina Ricci.)

And outfits for morning and afternoon.  I love the geometric details on the far left Vormittag dress, and the scalloping on the righthand Nachmittag dress (which is by Robert Piguet).

Gowns for the Theater, und für Tanz (dance!).  The far left gown is by Piguet, as are the purple and purple and gray Tanz dresses on the right.

And as an adorable bonus--autumn outfits für die Kinder!


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  1. Gorgeous! And that terrier illustration is so adorable.


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