Wednesday, September 11, 2013

shop preview: 1920s beads, 1960s plaid, and 1950s wool

I am sincerely hoping that today's 82 degree forecast is summer's last blast, because as you can see from today's shop preview, my thoughts are firmly directed toward autumn!  All these items will arrive in the shop over the next week.

1950s At the Ruins print voile dress and jacket set, by Leslie Fay.

Bohemian 1920s dress with beading and colorful embroidery.

1960s rose tattoo print "Minklander" (lambswool, angora, and mink blend!) sweater, by Darlene.

1940s striped seersucker skirt suit, by Jack Stern Originals.

Peach open knit mohair ballerina cardigan, with tie waist.

1950s candy striper pinafore/uniform.

1950s brown plaid wool flannel pencil skirt.

1960s red and gray plaid wool dress with drop waist and belt.

1950s cream Bernamere (wool and fur blend) cardigan with gray lines and trim, by Bernhard Altmann.

1950s navy linen dress with white contrast stitching and large triangular collar, by Mr. Simon.

Deadstock 1960s black sequin tank.



  1. That 1920s dress is incredible.

  2. I just love that first dress and the rose sweater.

  3. I just looked up what 82ºF is and it's 27ºC!! What is with the weather at the moment? Seems like you can't shake summer and we can't shake winter.

    The little candy striper is adorable!


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