Friday, September 20, 2013

shop preview: an Enid Collins glamor puss, a wee gold mesh pouch, and a 1930s swimsuit

This shop preview has some wonderful bags (I know that Enid Collins bag will be a favorite), and a fantastic 1930s men's deadstock Jantzen swimsuit.  All coming to the shop soon!

Deadstock 1950s gray leather Margolin purse.

Enid Collins Glamor Puss bag.

Striped fabric purse or knitting bag with wooden clasp.

1960s tote style handbag with velvet flowers and leaves, by Julius Resnick.

1930s-1940s gold mesh beggars' bag (tiny pouch) with Michigan State College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences logo on lid.

1984 Siskiyou camping theme belt buckle.

1970s tooled leather Grand Rapids Camera Club belt.

1960s turquoise and olive print scarf, by Burmel.

Deadstock 1930s men's wool Jantzen Speed Suit swimsuit, with tags.



  1. That Collins Kitty is the best! Love the swimsuit and the striped bags as well.

  2. My GOODNESS you find some treasures! the Enid Collins bag is divoon!
    Um, no, I don't think there IS a spot in NZ that isn't totally beautiful! X
    (O, in the next post I am wearing the patio frock!)


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