Thursday, March 7, 2013

what i wore - Nosferatu

Last Saturday, Andy took me to see F.W. Murnau's 1922 silent film classic, Nosferatu, which was shown at our local arts theater along with live music by the Andrew Alden Ensemble.  I last saw Nosferatu about 20 years ago, so it felt new to me, seeing it again, and this time along with a four-piece ensemble.  The music was composed by Alden, and was wonderful.  I recommend seeing them if they come to your town; they're on tour right now, and perform live soundtracks for other films, like The Phantom of the Opera and Night of the Living Dead.  (The jerk next to me taking photos with his phone and guffawing throughout the film didn't add to the experience, but anyway.  Dear Humanity:  Please put your phones away sometimes.  Thank you.  Love, Me.)

Anyway.  Above is the outfit I wore.  You'll note it's not on me.  Oh well.  It was dark out, I needed a haircut, I don't love having my photo taken...but this is one of my very favorite dresses, so I had to document it.


It's by Butte Knits, and is really warm and cozy.  Plus: rhinestones and Peter Pan collar.  What's not to love?

I wore my favorite (much scuffed) metallic pewter Frye t-straps, and carried this cute little 1950s evening bag by Andè.

I wish the hardware on the bag was silver and not gold, alas.  But I still love the heavy, rhinestone-bedecked clasp.

I did finally (yesterday) get a much overdue haircut...and my hair is now the perfect lilac-purple.  Pictures forthcoming.



  1. Loving this outfit. Can't wait to see pictures of your new haircut!

  2. LOVE your outfit. The collar and rhinestones on the dress are amazing!
    So looking forward to seeing your new hair. :)

  3. love your line about humanity needing to put the phone away once in a while.
    i'm sure you looked lovely! love everything about the outfit!

  4. Very cute, and I love the ball clasp on your bag.

    Tim and I had lunch out yesterday at a very nice place. The couple across from us spent the entire time waiting for their meal on their smartphones, and then kept them on the table during lunch and kept looking at them. They might as well have been at McDonalds for all they enjoyed it.


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