Wednesday, March 13, 2013

i spy: a painted flapper, art deco architecture, a handsome absurdist

I glean the images for these posts from my Tumblr blog, alwaysalwaysalwaysthesea, which is basically what the inside of my brain looks like at any given moment.  February may be a short month, but to look at my Tumblr, it was a busy one.  Yes, let's face it, a huge portion of my Tumblr right now is Christoph Waltz.  I don't apologize for this.  (And, as an aside:  hey bloggers?  Stop apologizing for what you do or don't post.  You don't have to do this.  Really.)  It's my blog, my brain, and Waltz to me is what I imagine a shot of serotonin would feel like to someone who has Seasonal Affective Disorder.  So there!  But even aside from all the Waltz goodness, there were an awful lot of other things that were inspiring me last month.  

Have a look.

1 / still from one of my very favorite films, The Third Man / via
2 / a great photo of Katharine Hepburn / via
3 / art deco building drawing by architect Hugh Ferriss / via
4 / postcard by Wiener Werkstätte artist Koloman Moser, ca 1898 / via
5 / handsome writer Albert Camus, photographed by Cecil Beaton, 1946 / via

1 / Flapper, painting by Margaret Preston, 1925 / via
2 / West Flanders, Belgium, photo by Mathijs Delvia / via
3 / Louis Vuitton travel library / via
4 / won his second Oscar and was the best-dressed man there while doing so / via 
5 / I was and am fascinated by the story of the discovery of Richard III's remains beaneath a Leicester parking lot / via



  1. I love that photo of Katharine Hepburn and I really want to take a stroll down that road in West Flanders, Belgium.

  2. The Third Man is such an incredible film. I simply loved Joseph as the good guy for a change. And my books need a LV trunk.


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