Tuesday, March 19, 2013

nothing but flowers shop preview

Well,  not entirely true.  But with spring coming--though you can't tell in western Michigan today--it's time to bring on the flowers.  This shop preview has a lot of them, along with plenty of pops of spring color, too.  All items coming to the shop over the next week.

1950s noir floral print party dress with mauve satin bow at waist.

1950s silk floral print blouse, by Lady Manhattan.

1940s fruit and vegetable print Farmers' Market wrap dress.

1950s pewter gray cotton blouse with smocking, by Rhoda Lee.

1950s paisley jewel stripe dress, by Eve Carver.

1950s cotton plaid straight skirt.

1950s pink and blue plaid cotton dress, by Brentwood.

1960s summer garden print polished cotton blouse.

1960s taupe satin rose brocade dress, by Berkshire.

1970s tan and black corduroy western jacket, by Janet Armstrong Cowgirl Clothes.

1950s black and white striped chevron dress with scarf collar.

1950s pink and yellow floral print cotton blouse, by Jayson Classics.



  1. The print on that fruity dress is stellar. Seriously, some smart designer needs to rip it off.

  2. Giiiiirl, I love that fruit print wrap dress!

  3. Want want WANT both the fruit print dress and the noir floral print. Absolutely stellar!

  4. Beautiful update. I especially love the black stripe dress!

  5. the fruit and vege print! so bloody cute!


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