Monday, March 11, 2013

spring hair

If you follow me on Twitter,  you've already might have seen a couple of these photos, but I got a much-needed haircut and a color update last week.  (For anyone in the Grand Rapids area who reads this blog: Didi at Panopoulos is the woman who does my hair, and she is absolutely fantastic!  She is also a great friend and a lot of fun.)  I love it, and I think I'll be wearing lots of gray, blues, and green with this hair color.

Andy and I went on a movie/art opening/dinner date this weekend, and I wore my heaviest coat because it was supposed to be cold.  But the sun was über bright and Colorado intense, so I ended up not so buttoned up.  You've seen all these clothes on my before in this blog.  The coat is my favorite, and that dress and those shoes get a lot of wear.  The needlepoint bag is relatively new, though.

The only vintage garment on Andy is this beautiful Harris tweed jacket.  We are always on the lookout for Harris tweed items, and find it more frequently in menswear than women's clothing, but often the jackets are bad, boxy cuts.  This one is nicely tailored and looks great on Andy.

The movie we saw was Argo and I think I've already grumbled enough about that.  We also checked out an art opening at the UICA, at which one of my favorite local music acts, the Kent County String Band, played.  I really loved the shadows cast by these silvery discs in the room where the band played.



  1. I love the color with your eyes!

  2. Love your new haircut! It's perfect! xo

  3. LOVE your new hair Karen. Your cut is fantastic. I might need to make another US trip just to visit your hairdresser. ;)

  4. Congratulations to Didi, because your amazing hair is a modern touch on you! And your clothes are... wow I can't find the correct word in english! I can't take my eyes off of your bag!!!

    Have a lovely day,


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