Thursday, December 27, 2012

a pomander cocktail

So, I've been taking a bit of a break from work, and the constant pressure of trying to sell you things.  Can I afford to take this break?  Probably not.  But I'm really enjoying it.  And it's apparently kick started my creativity, because:  I.  Invented.  A.  Cocktail!  Yay!  Just for you.  Well, really--for me.  Remember the big pomander kick I was on back in November?  I had a pomander-ish cocktail when I was in NYC, and since then I've tried a couple other cocktail recipes at home that were lovely, but not quite perfect (i.e., not clove-y enough for me). 

So I spent some time in the kitchen on Christmas day tinkering and I present you with:  the Pomander Cocktail!

(serves 2)
*make some clove simple syrup (I used this recipe from Food & Wine; it is quick and easy to make)
*chill two cocktail glasses
*fill a cocktail shaker with ice
*pour the juice of four clementines over ice
*add 3 oz gin
*add 2 oz clove simple syrup
*add 4 dashes orange bitters
*shake until chilled and serve in chilled glasses.  Add slice of clementine for garnish, if desired.

It's delish--and so nice and clove-y!  This is also very good with bourbon, although I think the clove taste diminishes a bit with the bourbon.

Andy got me this amazing vintage dogs in a cocktail bar painting for Christmas.

Isn't it the best?



  1. I love gin cocktails and will definitely have to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing!

    Love yourd dogs in a bar picture. The dachshund in the wrap kinda makes me giggle. :)

  2. Adorable print! I'm especially loving the chihuahua in his trench coat.

  3. That looks (and sounds) delicious! I'm all for taking breaks. It's not like I can get anything done when Paul's off work, anyway! :-) The photoshop is on his computer and he's never off it...


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