Monday, December 17, 2012

i spy: november

With my trip to NYC at the beginning of the month, I've managed to be more than a little late with my montly collection of favorite inspirations...but I finally got to it!  By the way, I didn't notice until after I'd chosen the images that the Zefran ad and the photo of the 1930s Parisian gals in pants echoed each other.  I love these images of women raising their arms (and umbrellas!) in joyous...victory?  Celebration?  Whatever the case, I'd be doing the same if I was wearing one of those great plaid dresses or smart pairs of pants. 

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1 / Edinburgh, 1942 by Bill Brandt / onlyoldphotography
2 / Cottage on an island near Nora, Sweden / cabinporn
3 / fabulous 1960 Zefran/Milliken Woolens ad / My Vintage Vogue
4 / "the first Parisian trousers," Place de la Concorde, Paris, 1935 / fantomas en cavale
5 / a Catskills log cabin / DesignTripper


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  1. I'd so be raising that brolly high if I was wearing one of those dresses too! I love how the brolly matches the plaid of the dress. :)


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