Tuesday, December 18, 2012

your 1955 wish list

Christmas is just a week away!  Here are some items that might have been on your wishlist if you were an adult in 1955, based on ads in the December 5, 1955 issue of Life magazine

Sexy Seamprule lingerie for her (?) for Christmas.  I'd just like to point out that these two sassy gals are clearly not kissing Santa Claus.

That black anniversary bottle of Jim Beam goes awesomely with your modern furniture!  I only included one here, but there were tons of booze ads in this issue of Life.

A candy case collection of Swank cuff links for him.  I like the "Wild Horn" style in the upper right corner, though your current day hipster might also dig the "Unicorn" style in the second row!

*Sigh.*  Yes, we ladies just love useful homemaker gifts.  I have to say, though--I actually really dig the packaging on these Cannon towels.  

Soft blues, pinks, yellows, and greens were obviously hot colors in 1955.  I'll have a Royal in each color, one for every room of the house.

I don't know that I would be so thrilled in 1955 to receive a set of Pyrex refrigerator dishes for Christmas...but I wouldn't mind an extra set under the tree this year!  (They really do kick Tupperware butt, in my opinion.)

Pretty little Houbigant perfume sets...too bad every last one is so pink.

Just like 2012--electronics are the big bucks gift!  I'll take that hifi, thanks.



  1. Oh my - aren't those typewriters amazing?!?! The pyrex too.... I'd take either of those under the tree for me thanks!

  2. Added to my Santa list: Three typewriters, one pack of towels and several pyrex bowels.


  3. Those ads are soooo pretty! I wish that I had one of those typewriters for every room in my house too - and then a few hundred to sell for fat cash on Etsy. : )

  4. I was an itty bitty baby in 1955, but I'm sure my mother would have loved that TV (but probably got the Pyrex!).


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