Monday, December 3, 2012

lumberjack by day, james bond by night

The ideal man.  He chops wood for your fire, and can mix a martini.  He looks great in both plaid wool and a sharp sharkskin suit.  Yes, it's time for another man-centric shop preview.  All these items to suavely stride their way into the shop soon!  (And if you're a guy, or shopping for the guy in your life, you can view what's currently available in the vintage menswear section.)

1950s Pendleton red shadow plaid shirt.

1970s Pendleton authentic Menzies black and white tartan plaid oxford shirt.

1970s Pendleton authentic Prince Charles Edward Stewart tartan plaid shirt.

1970s Pendleton red plaid wool robe.

1960s blue sharkskin suit, by Rocklyn Clothes.

Black and white houndstooth clip on bow tie, by Ormond.

Red print clip on bow tie, by Best Clip.


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  1. Best line ever "The ideal man. He chops wood for your fire, and can mix a martini."

    I couldn't agree more! ;)


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