Wednesday, December 19, 2012

shop preview

Christmas is almost here, and we are still shipping every day that the post office is open, so go ahead and place those last minute orders you late (like me) shoppers!  Here's a look at the items coming to the shop over the next week.  (That first coat is probably my favorite coat I've listed, ever!)

1930s camel wool and leopard print fur trim coat, by Monarch.

1960s chocolate brown ruffled Peter Pan collar blouse.

1960s patchwork animal print dress, a Gloria Swanson Fashion by Puritan Forever Young.

1970s striped bell sleeve sweater, Sweater Bee by Banff.

1950s raspberry plaid cotton dress, by Mary Mac.

1940s gray tweed skirt, by McMorran's.

1961 Lanz black knit dress with bow at the waist.

1970s gray cable knit wool button-up vest, by Pendleton.

1970s gray plaid pants suit, by Pendleton.

1960s ivory mohair cardigan, made in Italy by Blairmoor Original.



  1. that coat is cute! loving the Lanz black knit dress too!

  2. oooh, such pretty things! makes me eager to drop the rest of this baby weight so I can squeeze into some of them!

  3. The raspberry plaid is delicious and I love the Lanz knit dress too. :)


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