Sunday, December 18, 2011

gift shopping, 1955

The December 1955 issue of Women's Home Companion is a real treasure trove of vintage holiday stuff.  I'll be bringing you a couple more bits from it over the week, but first I wanted to show off this great gift guide with beauty products for women, men, and children.  (Click the photos to enlarge.)

The children's products are especially cute.  Love the Tinkerbelle Trip-lette toilet water and soap set in the little suitcase, the car-shaped soaps, and the cologne and the bubble bath bottles with animal heads!  And for the men, of course, a set of Old Spice.  (I bet you didn't know Old Spice was originally made for women.  True fact!)

Some gorgeous packaging on these women's perfumes.  I especially love the idea of the Yardley Lavanesque (far left, I think) "Coinette" purse flacon that comes with a dispenser for coins or tokens.  I picture a woman spritzing her Lavanesque about the smelly subway after she drops her token in the turnstile.  1950s multitasking!

More beauty gifts.  That Jergens lotion in the Christmas tree packaging (upper left) is nifty!  I'm also loving the holiday "dress" on the Revlon Aquamarine lotion.  And intrigued by the "Harriet Hubbard Ayer's Midas Touch gold spray for hair"--hmm.

And a bonus section of accessory gift ideas for her.  Those handbags--the white one is faux fur and has a bamboo handle!  Fun floral embellished shoes in the center.  And at the bottom, jewelry--rhinestone, mock topaz, and goldtone jewels by Kramer, Bobley, Ciner, and Castlecliff.  The rhinestone and faux ruby cocktail rings (B and C) are pretty fun!



  1. I did not know Old Spice was originally made for women! And those bags… are wonderful! All three of my favourite colours. :D

  2. I adore looking through vintage magazines and catalogs but always feel wistful that I can't actually buy any of the products! Also is it me or has packaging for consumer products gotten really drab over the decades? I want whimsical packaging and names!

  3. I am in complete agreement on all points with Leilani! Anyway, I'm a huge fan of the original Old Spice scent. I like the way it smells on me.


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