Tuesday, December 20, 2011

fancy slankets for 1955

I promised you some more holiday snippets from the December 1955 Women's Home Companion.  This article is about festive yet comfortable outfits for Christmas day or for holiday evenings at home.  Apparently they did not have Slankets or Snuggies in the 1950s.

Hey, if Dad's going to wear a suit, the least you can do is put a skirt or pants...or velveteen pants, for the kiddos.

The Clare McCardell "nightshirt dress" on the left reminds me a little of a Japanese kimono and does indeed look comfortable enough for an evening in.  And the blue velveteen outfit and cardigan on the right are totally cute.

Matching golden paisley shirt and pants set by Reid and Reid.



  1. a pair of jacquard tapestry pants with a 22" waistline after a holiday meal? no thanks WHC!

  2. My mother wore the full black & white skirt, except for a slightly different plaid, more white, for fancy parties. I remember thinking she looked like a queen in it. :-)
    Great photo finds.
    dahlila xo

  3. What?! How could they not have Slankets or Snuggies in the 1950s?! However, my preference would be for the slightly more stylish Claire McCardell nightshirt dress. :)

  4. Oooooh 50s fabulousness! I love the articles you've been sharing from Women's Home Companion. Thank goodness none of these outfits resemble a "slanket"! (You must watch 30 Rock, too!)


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