Monday, December 19, 2011

film fashion: hugo

Andy and I saw Martin Scorsese's Hugo (in 3-D!) this weekend, and we really enjoyed it.  It's a charming film that is not just for children (something I was a bit worried about).  It's set in 1930s Paris, and naturally, I found myself obsessed with the look of one of the characters: Hugo's young friend, Isabelle.

I'm not sure what it is with me and the clothing young girls wore in the 1930s (see also my post about the film Cracks), but I love it and find it very inspiring.  Maybe it's because these girls (at least in the films) don't dress particularly childishly, but rather like young, if quirky, adults.  Anyway, Isabelle wears pretty much the same outfit througout the film: beret, striped sweater (boatneck, with buttons at the shoulder), plaid skirt, tweed jacket, and knee socks with brown boots.

I found some Isabelle-esque pieces on Etsy to recreate this look.  I might try it myself (well, sans kneesocks)--or at least I will make an effort to start wearing a beret again!

1. Harris tweed coat, from VintageChicago.
2. Brown ankle boots, from JLVintage.
3. Black Mr. John beret, from PoppycockVintage.
4. Tartan skirt by Ben Nevis, from CustardHeartVintage.
5. Handknit striped merino boatneck sweater, from corieangel.



  1. aww, such a cute style, love those etsy finds! And Karen, my new special friend was JUST telling me to go see this and to take Lukas...said it was pretty amazing and heart warming too. I know what special outing I've gotta do this week!

  2. I wanted to go see this~ I went and saw Sherlock Holmes instead (plenty of costumes in that film to faun over though <3) and now I'm reading the book this is based off of and it's so lovely! I must fo see it!

  3. You've convinced me! Her look, and his as well, are adorable.

  4. Every little bit is fabulous!

  5. I totally agree about kids' clothes from the 30s and 40s--like eccentric little adults. I liked the girls' clothes in The Cazalets, as well as the Narnia movies. Such fun!

  6. I wonder if our local country cinema will be playing this? I hope so!

    Fabulous outfit choices! I think you'd look totally cute in a beret.

  7. I second the "YES" to wearing a beret.
    I saw a classic felt green one on a red head this weekend and it looked great!

  8. I saw this today - finally. Adored it! I am now on a quest for a red and white striped sweater.


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