Friday, December 9, 2011

november inspirations

Some inspiring glimpses of November's internet wanderings.  Make sure you enlarge the collage (or click through the link to the source) of photo #5.  It is mind-blowingly awesome!

1. Painting by John Atkinson Grimshaw on the Penguin Classic cover of The Turn of the Screw. (NYT)
2. Gloves. (Life archives via whatgraybirdwears)
3. Cute, bundled-up Helsinki street style. (Hel-Looks)
4. A Victorian era gentleman in traditional Scottish attire identified as "Captain Forbes." (xmarksthescot via Retire to the Parlour)
5. Amazing photo of Dr. J and his wife Turquoise in their kitchen, from a 1978 Sports Illustrated photoshoot. (mpdrolet)
6. Migration of Birds, 1952, cover illustration by Bob Hines. (Montague Projects)


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