Thursday, December 22, 2011

shop update preview

Here's the fresh batch of lovely vintage, coming to the shop shortly.

1950s true blue chantilly lace party dress.

Wool plaid cape with fringe.

Mod 1960s grid print dress and matching coat.

Beaded flowers cardigan with rhinestones.

Koret of California olive glen plaid skirt suit, with attached scarf!

1950s blue corduroy inverted pleats skirt.

1960s folklore paisley print dress, by Butte Knit.

1980s cream Irish wool cable knit sweater, by LL Bean.

1940s nubby brown rayon blend dress with belt, by Eve Carver.

1950s houndstooth coat with giant buttons, by Skinner Chamberlain.

1960s bohemian silk taffeta dress with sash belt.

1960s ski sweater.

1940s pastoral print rayon dress with big buttons.



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