Wednesday, December 14, 2011

dr. zhivago shop preview

Well, the first item here inspired the title, but the rest of the items could work in a Russian film set in the midst of winter.  Put on a fancy party dress, but bundle up to travel to the Ice Palace in a horse-drawn sleigh!

1960s deadstock Russian princess needlepoint tapestry coat (already in the shop!).

1940s black evening dress by Samuel Grossman.

1940s nylon blouse with passementerie trim, and rhinestones and pearls around the Peter Pan collar, by Perry.

Afghan crochet sweater dress.

1950s beaded black angora cardigan.

1950s sepia floral taffeta and chiffon dress, by Joan Dell.

1960s deadstock with tags black silk shantung long skirt with side slits, by Adelaar's Aristocrat.

1960s knit dress with faux leopard cuffs and collar, by George Small.

1970s suede and shearling jacket, by Split End Ltd.

1930s black velvet dress with smocked sleeves.

1980s Italian sweater with satin passementerie.

1980s red plaid prairie dress with belt.

1960s ethnic tapestry pullover jacket.

1950s earthy mosaic print silk taffeta dress with belt.



  1. Oh my gosh, there are so many beautiful items! Is it bad that I nearly fell backwards when I saw that peter pan collared blouse? It's adorable!

  2. That coat = GORGEOUS! And I am checking out the knit dress with leopard cuffs too. Pretty cute!

  3. that first black dress is really cool - so Audrey! I'd love to wear it!

  4. I saw that 1940s blouse on your Flickr. It's so very very pretty!

    I think that Adelaar's Aristocrat skirt is as long as I am tall!!! ;)

  5. Watching Dr. Zhivago is always so aesthetically inspiring. I love movies set in Russia, though. All that magical snow!


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