Friday, December 23, 2011

some things never change

I was looking at some old photos and realized that perhaps--like so many things--our sense of style is set at an early age.  For example, I still think I look best with bangs.

(See what I mean about the bangs?)  I still love plaid.

I can't say I wear a lot of animal prints these days, but I do love my leopard coat.  And still rock serious bedhead sometimes.

A yellow dress with floral applique?  Yeah, I'd still wear that.

The nautical look?  Absolutely!

A plaid poncho?  Sure.  And I appear to have inherited a penchant for nerd glasses from my parents.

A scratch and sniff pizza t-shirt?  Nah, probably won't do that again.



  1. omg, I LOVE THIS. All the pictures are fantastic!

    I wish I could find a scratch and sniff pizza shirt.

  2. Amanda, I still remember that day that I wore it. It was really hot and the smell made me nauseous. I probably ended up throwing up, and I wouldn't be surprised if I never wore it again!

  3. Ah so darling! And a scratch and sniff pizza shirt?..... doesn't sound appealing at all :/

    Love the little poncho and nautical look- two of my favourite things!

  4. oh wow the poncho shot is hilarious, the way you are standing is so perfect! it says "here I am, yes I am a stylish kid" LOVE it. have a great Xmas K!

  5. You are too cute Karen! And oh my! A scratch and sniff pizza tshirt! AMAZING!

    Have a fabulous Xmas!! xo

  6. It is so true! I still rock the bangs since preschool and live for my polka dots and dresses.

    Happy Holidays!

  7. I've definitely retained my love of plaid, too! However, I've learned I look better without bangs!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. bangs or no bangs, you're ADORABLE! I especially love the plaid dress school photo. sooo great, K! Thanks for sharing. Hope you and Andy and Lucy had a wonderful Christmas!


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